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Prepare yourself, for a quest across an ever exapanding universe, filled with lifelike characters, gripping tales and sheer peril.
You are Chuck. A lumberjack out of his depth, and down on his luck. Take control by wielding the power of lumber and destroy the evil boi
from bringing corruption to your homeland.

-Must be played using an Xbox controller.
-A button - Progress gripping story
-Left Analog Stick - Move in a rich open world.
-Right Analog Stick - Move grabber for grabbing chickens.
-Right Trigger - Eat chickens.


This was a game made for Ludum Dare 38, by Jay Peet and Oliver Walker.
This is a joke game, born from the ashes of the project due to setting too large a scope. Either way, we quite enjoyed making it.


GoodGame.zip 297 MB


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